Howard Stern wants Charlie Sheen on radio (video)


Charlie Sheen isn’t filming “Two and a Half Men” these days, but he’s setting records with his new Twitter account. Now he’s being offered a gig by Howard Stern, who wants Sheen on one of the two “Howard” channels at Sirius XM satellite radio.

Appearing Thursday night (3/3) on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Stern noted that Sheen had appeared on his radio show recently to discuss his run-in with CBS. But now Stern wants to put Sheen on satellite radio to talk any time he wants.

“I got a plan,” Stern told Kimmel. “Suppose we’re on Sirius Satellite Radio. You know I have two 24-hour channels and I basically control the channels – I’m in charge of these channels. And I have said to Charlie – I’ve Tweeted him, I’ve had my producer call him – Charlie, what we want to do is this: We want to put a microphone in your house. Any time you fell like going on the radio, doing a radio show, we’ll break into our programming and you can have control of the airwaves – carte blanche – go on the air and have ‘Charlie Radio’ 24 hours a day, ‘cause there’s nothing better than that. And I mean it, Winning!” Stern said as the audience applauded.

“So anyway, we’re waiting to hear back from Charlie, I’m sure any minute, when he gets done banging his head against the wall, he’s going to get in touch with me,” Stern concluded.
Stern’s discussion of Sheen starts at 2:34 of the clip below.