Huckabee Turns in One Mic…


Mike Huckabee…while he contemplates trading it in for an entirely different sort of mic. He’s handing in his radio commentator mic, in anticipation of doing his talking into the sort of mic you use to address crowds at a presidential campaign rally.

He said the comments he makes on the campaign trail will be similar to those he makes now on the radio.

He has not yet announced his intentions, but exiting the airwaves will clear the path for an election bid.

They of course will not make each of his 500+ affiliates liable for providing equal time to other candidates.

Huckabee will finish out the month of April and cease his broadcasts 5/1/15.

Huckabee switched from Cumulus to WYM Media Management for syndication purposes back in January. According to Sarah D. Wire of Arkansas Online, Mike Gallagher is on tap to fill the void left by Huckabee’s departure beginning 5/4/15.

Huckabee will not be bringing his commentaries to an end, however. He is kicking off an online pay subscription service that will have daily audio features, weekly video features and other items.

RBR+TVBR observation: Presidential primary season has tended to have a strong impact on broadcasting companies with political talk programming.

No job seems to suit some out-of-work politicians than a broadcasting gig. But as soon as their hat goes into the ring, the plug on their broadcast careers must be pulled.

But it is often temporary. Herman Cain notably left a radio gig to run for president, and now he’s right back on the radio.

We’ll see what happens with Mr. Huckabee. We’ll wager that if his next work space doesn’t have the word “Oval” in it he’ll be right back in the broadcasting world.