Hudson MX: $1B in Local TV Buys In Q4


The 2020 local television and radio annual buying season is fast-approaching, and the number of agencies expected to use a local media buying platform — and the dollar amount of orders anticipated in Q4 2019 — is getting considerable notice from media executives across the U.S.

According to local media buying software maker Hudson MX, more than 20 agencies are expect to use its BuyerAssist Platform to send out more $1 billion in 2020 orders in the final three months of 2019, on behalf of hundreds of national advertisers.

Hudson MX says the orders will be executed using the open TVB3.2 format and delivered through multiple channels, including the AgencyCloud APIs which are compliant with the new TIP (Television Interface Practices) standards and the foundation of the end-to-end integration with WideOrbit.

The process for receiving standard spot orders and for submitting both makegoods and delivery logs will seem similar to existing processes with few noticeable differences,” Hudson MX says. “However, the open format enables buyers and sellers to begin the transition to advanced APIs designed by the new TIP standards group for increased transactional efficiency at each stage of the workflow.”

Hudson MX President Jay Stevens said, “Migrating to the open TVB3.2 order standard is an important prerequisite for the evolution of our industry as we seek to solve the challenges facing local TV and radio today. Not only does this open standard allow for greater flexibility and continued iteration, but also uniquely enables multiple transactional types, including impression-based Private Marketplace buys.”

Individual sales people who have received an RFP from an agency that uses BuyerAssistfor Local TV and Radio will receive an invite to complete an online training session covering the updated process for receiving ordering, handling makegoods, and supplying agencies with daily delivery logs.

In preparation, Hudson MX is offering a brief training session for all local sellers. Training will cover a seller preparedness checklist and review how sellers can benefit from the open TVB3.2 order format.

Broadcaster Seller-Direct Training Schedule:

●      Monday, September 16th 12:00 EST – PreBuy training for all audiences

●      Monday, September 16th 1:00 EST – Ordering/Makegood training for direct sellers

●      Wednesday, September 18th 12:00 EST – PreBuy training for all audiences

●      Wednesday, September 18th  1:00 EST – Ordering/Makegood training for direct sellers

●      Tuesday, October 1st 12:00 EST – PreBuy training for all audiences

●      Thursday, October 3rd 1:00 EST – Ordering/Makegood training for direct sellers

Rep Firm Training Schedule:

●      Monday, September 16th 3:00 PM EST – Ordering/Makegood training for reps

●      Wednesday, September 18th 3:00 EST – Ordering/Makegood training for reps



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