In the July 12th episode of ABC Family’s “Huge,” Becca (Raven Goodwin) tries to start a “larping” club at camp, a sort of wizardry game, but to her dismay the club fails to be a success until Will (Nikki Blonsky) uses her creativity and persuasion skills to coerce the other campers into participating.

What happens when the diverse but united campers stumble upon an off-limits area of camp? Find out in the third episode of the new ABC Family original one-hour scripted series, “Huge,” Monday, July 12, 2010 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). The episode, entitled “Live Action Role Play,” was directed by Michael Grossman and written by Savannah Dooley and Winnie Holzman.

Dr. Rand (Gina Torres), much like Will, is forced to confront issues within her personal and professional life, including a struggle with parental loyalties, earning the respect of her employees, as well as facing unfolding secrets to her love life.

When faced with the challenge of matching the previous camp director’s enthusiasm, Dr. Rand delivers a surprisingly inspiring speech, providing Camp Victory with a new worth, as well as allowing the staff and campers to see her in a uncharacteristic but motivating way.

(source: ABC Family)