Has Hulu Given Advertisers An Affiliate Avoidance Tool?


Streaming TV platform Hulu has entered the next strata with its media buying and selling.

On the heels of new deals with both Fox and ABC, Hulu on Monday announced that it has struck a partnership with STRATA, a Comcast Platform Services company. With the use of the STRATA programmatic ad platform, thousands of advertising agencies can now seamlessly purchase advertisements on mobile, desktop, and living room devices streaming Hulu content in the same manner as buying a local TV ad.

The integration of STRATA’s software with Hulu also helps advertisers to overcome ad skipping and viewability challenges. Hulu boasts non-skippable ads, which advertisers only pay for on 100% ad viewership completion.

Thus, Hulu is attacking local television by allowing agencies to use STRATA software to effectively reach local audiences on Hulu by Nielsen DMA, state, or ZIP code.

Metrics see Hulu converting their impressions to TV ratings so that local broadcast buyers can purchase Hulu as part of their overall TV plans; Hulu offers a balanced rotation of local and national ads within commercial breaks and provides category separation within pods.

“Integrating Hulu’s library of premium content into our systems is another example of our commitment to provide the best advertising opportunities to our clients,” said STRATA VP Judd Rubin. “We are excited about our relationship with Hulu and the tremendous opportunities it provides our agencies.”

STRATA’s software is used on more than 13,000 desktops nationally in over 1,000 advertising agencies and 99% of broadcast television stations.