Hutchison’s uncertainty is contagious


Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) didn’t say when she’d finally step down from the Senate, just that it would be after her primary contest for governor of Texas with Rick Perry 3/2/10. It’s led to speculation from the field of candidates to fill her seat that she’s edging toward not leaving at all.

Hutchison’s uncertainty breeds uncertainty in each and every one of those campaigns, all of which are forced to lay down the groundwork for an election event that may not even take place.

According to, rumor has it that Hutchison is genuinely tired of the Washington grind and sincerely wishes to return to Texas. But the lack of a firm well-publicized exit strategy has the field in both parties on edge.

RBR-TVBR observation: In order to pull down a bonus campaign advertising payday – giving Texas three in one year – Hutchison has to leave the Senate within a month of the primary election. Otherwise, her senate seat won’t be contested until November or until 2012 if she decides to keep it through the end of her term.