Hyundai challenges consumers to "Think About It"


Hyundai Motor America announced the launch of a two-part campaign aimed at reframing the brand for U.S. consumers under the theme "Think About It." This is the first major creative work by Hyundai AOR Goodby, Silverstein & Partners which was hired this past spring. By adopting a tone of disarming honesty, Hyundai is breaking down the barriers that consumers have built to shield themselves from marketing claims. The intent is to challenge consumers’ thoughts about what is, and should be, "standard" in the automotive industry.

Phase one features three weeks of unbranded advertising from 9/10-9/28. The intention is to increase the receptivity of audiences increasingly skeptical of marketing messages, by offering startling proof points deployed across the media landscape (print, broadcast, outdoor and online). During phase one of the campaign, the advertising challenges conventional thinking about the auto industry, i.e. "Shouldn’t a car have more airbags than cup holders?" Phase two begins 9/29.

RBR/TVBR observation: Local operators’ good reason to go visit your local Hyundai dealer. This is not brain surgery to get a tag line for the local dealer to piggyback off of the national campaign.