IAB releases Social Advertising Best Practices


Social media allows consumers to interact with brands and become marketing messengers themselves—leading to the transformation of what was once a one-way communication from brands to consumers into a two-way, ongoing conversation. To define the key elements of social advertising and showcase best practices for consumer control and privacy, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)  announced the release of “Social Advertising Best Practices,” the next step in the IAB’s ongoing efforts to build the advertising infrastructure of social media. It provides publishers, agencies and marketers with recommendations for the successful execution of social advertising campaigns. It was announced at the IAB’s Social Media Marketplace in New York, a conference that brings together advertisers, publishers and platforms to tackle big issues and provide real-world, real-time solutions for leveraging social media.

“Social Advertising Best Practices” includes:

Key terms and definitions of the elements of a social ad and how social advertising differs from other online display advertising

A library of examples of distinct advertising creative executions for a variety of marketing messages

Recommendations for consumer policies on opt-in and opt-out procedures

Privacy guidelines for publishers, agencies and marketers regarding data gathering, consumer disclosure and usage of consumer information.

“We have inventoried the vast array of resources available in social media and created a guide that publishers, marketers and agencies can use to build powerful dialogues between consumers and brands,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the IAB. “This document is an excellent introduction to the conversation economy—where consumers have more ways to engage than ever.”

This document can be found on the IAB website at: www.iab.net/socialads

The IAB recently announced “Social Media Ad Metrics Definitions,” a resource that defines specific metrics for each type of social media. This document can be found at: www.iab.net/socialmetrics