IAB supports FTC's embrace of self-regulation of behavioral advertising


The Interactive Advertising Bureau commended the FTC for its release last week of a set of proposed principles to guide the development of self-regulation in the evolving area of behavioral advertising.
 “We support the FTC’s call for industry self-regulation and we are very pleased that the commission endorsed the IAB’s analysis of the value of the ad-supported Internet,” said Randall Rothenberg, IAB CEO. “At the same time we will continue to work with our members to educate the FTC and Congress about the new interactive tools that improve consumers’ lives, enhance consumer control and build the U.S. economy.”

The IAB and its membership look forward to working with the FTC on points from the draft proposal to achieve language that respects the importance of consumer control and that protects consumer privacy through notice, choice and data security, while preserving the free content and services supported by advertising online. An IAB Task Force has been working on privacy protection issues since late last summer. IAB expects to announce new privacy principles for the industry early in ‘08.


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