IAB updates standard ad unit portfolio


The last update was in 2003: IAB Standard Ad Units helped to create the modern, scalable digital advertising industry. Today over 80% of display ads sold have followed IAB standards. IAB released its new portfolio at the fifth IAB Annual Leadership Meeting “Ecosystem 2.0: Beyond Time and Space,” which includes a new range of formats designed to meet marketers’ communications needs across the purchase funnel.

Among these are the IAB Rising Stars Display ad units, six new interactive ad units developed and tested in partnership with leading publishers and agencies in the digital world.

To measure the new units’ ability to deliver at scale for brand advertisers, IAB partnered with IPG Media Lab to conduct proprietary research with Affectiva, GazeHawk and Moat that looked at attentiveness, emotive response and brand lift. Working with BBDO, BBH, Razorfish and SapientNitro, campaigns were tested from AT&T, Jeep and Westin Hotels & Resorts, leveraging all six Rising Stars units for each. The test creative, which was showcased on MSN.com, was built by AOL/Pictela, DoubleClick/Google, MediaMind and Microsoft Advertising.

The new portfolio offers marketers a range of IAB Standard Ad Units to deploy against their different objectives.  Whether a campaign is brand focused and measured by engagement and attitudinal lift, or performance oriented and optimized for conversion, the new-for-2012 IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio provides the creative canvasses at scale to reach one’s goals.

Download all of the portfolio’s ad format specifications