iBiquity launches mobile app


HD RadioiBiquity Digital announced the launch of a new HDRadio.com and the first-ever HD Radio Guide App for iOS and Android. iBiquity says it worked with consumer focus groups, broadcasters, and partners to develop both an online and a mobile platform to help users understand HD Radio Technology and discover the unique content that is available to them.

iBiquity collaborated with HUGE Boutique on the site design and Texas Creative on the implementation for the new HDRadio.com that now focuses on highlighting the unique content that is available through HD Radio broadcasts. Consumers can now visit HDRadio.com to learn about and sample local content that is available through HD Radio broadcasts, discover new HD Radio products, and engage with other HD Radio users. The new HDRadio.com now includes resources for broadcasters on programming, promotions, and technical operations that assist with implantation of HD Radio Technology.

New features include:

• Upgraded Station Guide – information about formats and programming as well as links to station contact info, website, and social media

• Enhanced Consumer, Automotive and Aftermarket Product Guide – detailed listings of current products and features by manufacturer as well as retail and on-line purchasing information

• For Broadcaster Section – featuring engineering, marketing & programming tools and information

• An HD Radio Blog – a source for the latest and greatest news and updates on HD Radio Technology

Along with the launch of HDRadio.com, iBiquity has also released an all-new HD Radio Guide App designed by Bottle Rocket. The App is designed to inform consumers about content and enable them to discover new and existing HD Radio broadcasts. Through their mobile devices, consumers can now learn about HD2/HD3/HD4 programming available to them, as well as which of their favorite analog stations have upgraded to digital broadcasts. The interactive station guide also allows users to connect instantly with their favorite stations through SMS, phone, and social media networks. The app also provides a comprehensive guide to HD Radio receivers including links to buy.

The HD Radio Guide App is available by texting APP to 25859 or downloading it directly in the iTunes App store or the Google Play Android Market.

RBR-TVBR observation: A great idea. Content is content, no matter what device you’re listening to it on. Putting HD Radio multicast channels online—conveniently—through an app further helps level the playing field in the ongoing battle for eardrums between traditional and online-only radio. Anything that helps  to extend and amplify the brands broadcasters are continuously working to build and monetize is a good thing.