Idol's "Bikini Boy" audition was stunt for KWOF


“Bikini Boy” Ty Hemmerling has admitted his impersonation of “Bikini Girl” Katrina Darrell during 2/2’s Idol airings of the Denver auditions was a stunt for a Denver FM he was working for at the time.
“They pretty much knew why I was there, and they made sure I knew that they knew — like, ‘You know why we’re putting you through, don’t you?'” the former KWOF-FM employee told Denver Westword. “One of the first questions they asked me on the first day was if I worked for the media. And before I could even answer, they said, ‘Don’t lie, because we’ll find out.’ So I said, ‘This is what I do.'”
The 25-year-old from the Mile-High City who sang Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” said the idea came from Amanda Lea, who worked for KWOF’s Jesse & Shotgun morning show before the station changed its programming late last year. Hemmerling said he borrowed a bikini from his girlfriend and attended the auditions, which were held late last summer.