If at first you don’t succeed, don’t bother trying again


For the second time, A-O Broadcasting Corporation attempted to bring KTFM-FM, or as it is now known at the FCC, DKTRM-FM (the D is for deleted) back from the dead. But the FCC wasn’t buying A-O’s arguments and would not reconsider its prior decision.

A-O lost the license to the station, and it was deleted from the table of allotments, as a matter of law after it spent more than 12 months off-air. A-O made a number of arguments, including that it had been trying to establish it as a viable station; that putting it on the air served the public interest; and made several other points as well.

However, they were the same arguments A-O made the first time.

“It is settled Commission policy that petitions for reconsideration are not to be used for the mere reargument of points previously advanced and rejected,” wrote the FCC. “Reconsideration will not be granted merely for the purpose of again debating matters on which the Commission has already deliberated and decided.”

The petition for reconsideration was denied on grounds that it was repetitious.