IHR taking Monterey AM non-profit


Monterey-Salinas News-Talker KNRY-AM is heading into the non-profit zone in a deal with IHR Educational Broadcasting – the buyer is a specialist in programming geared to members of the Catholic faith.

IHR, which stands for Immaculate Heart Radio, is expanding a group that includes stations and station CPs in various locations in California (including key media centers of San Francisco and Sacramento), Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and even Hawaii. It is headed by Douglas M. Sherman.

The seller is People’s Radio Inc., headed by Joe Rosa.

IHR will be paying $400K cash to add Monterey-Salinas to its collection of markets served.

The station is a Class C on 1240 kHz, with 1 kW-U off a non-directional antenna. It throws a signal over most of the population centers in this multiple-municipality market.

RBR-TVBR observation: This deal keeps the trend alive – the sluggish trading market seems to have opened up an opportunity for some of the healthier non-commercial broadcasters to make incursions into standard commercial radio territory. Every once in a while we see a station head back to commercial operation, but the current clearly is flowing toward the non-com zone.