iLike unveils new ad platform for concerts


iLike, a leading social music discovery service, now has more than 30 million registered users and has just unveiled a new ad platform for concert promoters. iLike also announced that full-length song playback via Rhapsody is now broadly available on and will soon be available on iLike’s application on Facebook. Additionally, the company announced a new initiative to enable music syndication via third-party developers.

“Since inception, iLike has always enabled other people to benefit from our reach,” said Ali Partovi, CEO of iLike. “Historically, iLike has focused on serving fans, artists and labels. Today, we’re pleased to expand the iLike community by empowering two new groups: concert promoters and third-party [application/website] developers. We’re also delighted that the first phase of our Rhapsody relationship has been implemented within just weeks, delivering full-song playback to our users.”

Concert promoters, venue owners, booking agents and indie bands can now use iLike’s social, self-serve advertising tools to reach music fans across the top social networks. Key benefits include the ability to:
Target music fans based on location and musical tastes rather than key words; Conveniently create multi-media ads, including music playback and social links, with just a few clicks of the mouse; Save time managing campaigns in multiple markets via auto-generated ads with self-populating concert data; Tap into potential “viral spread” of concert information via built-in social hooks that encourage fans to invite friends to concerts. Reach passionate music fans who are actively looking to discover live music events in their market; Transcend the flawed medium of print and radio advertising to reach music fans where they really spend their time – online.

Developers will soon be able to conveniently add music to their websites via iLike. The new service, which will launch this quarter, will empower developers to add song playback (songs and playlists) to their websites or Facebook applications.

For music fans: Users of can now enjoy the enhanced music experience of full-length song playback, giving iLike’s enormous audience a taste of Rhapsody’s Unlimited subscription service.

For artists and labels: iLike and Rhapsody are deploying a new model that will successfully monetize music consumption on the top social networks for labels and artists. Artists and labels will be paid royalties each time their music is played via Rhapsody’s existing agreements. This will be the first widespread implementation of a scalable model to monetize the enormous potential for music consumption across social networks. The service is now broadly available on and will be launched soon on iLike’s Facebook application.