Illinois DIY project being sold


Larry and Pamela Nelson are the types of broadcasters that work both sides of the street, with holdings in both the commercial and noncommercial realms. Their latest acquisition is on the noncom side.

The CP is for Minooka IL, a community to the southwest of Chicago along I-80.

The seller is Silver Fish Broadcasting Inc., headed by A. Wray Fitch III, who also serves as his license company’s attorney.

Joining the Nelsons on the assignee’s side of the table is Dallas Ingemunson. The company they represent is called American Education Foundation Inc.

The price for the station is $5K, all of which is being put into escrow.

The station is a Class A on 88.5 MHz with 100 W @ 164’.

The Nelsons are the principals of Nelson Enterprises Inc., owners of commercial outlet WSPY-FM Plano IL. They have interests in numerous other Illinois radio stations under a variety of licensee names.

AEF owns an FM CP earmarked for Lee IL and says its in the process of acquiring WOAM-AM Peoria IL. That station is being acquired from Kelly Communications for $100K in a deal filed 2/3/11.