Imagine a day without the RAB


That would be today. In truth, the Radio Advertising Bureau is still in operation today, but the organization sent out its daily update to members as a blank white page, except for the words “Imagine a day without the RAB.” is similarly almost blank. Click the one line and you’ll go to a letter from RAB President and CEO Jeff Haley explaining that the one day change is an attempt to draw attention to the importance of RAB to the radio industry. Keep clicking and you will get to the regular RAB site, so AEs can still find a sales tip to make use of today. Yes, Haley conceded in a heads-up call with RBR/TVBR and other trade pubs, there will be some detractors, but he thinks people will remember this as a positive promotion. With economic hard times upon us, Haley says usage of RAB’s resources has been way up in 2008.