IMER Mexico upgrades all FMs to HD Radio


IMERiBiquity Digital announced Mexican broadcast group IMER (Instituto Mexicano de la Radio) has completed its project to upgrade all 13 of its FM stations to digital HD Radio broadcasts. 

IMER began digitizing its stations in Mexico City shortly after the Mexican government approved HD Radio Technology as the standard in 2011 and has since begun transmission of two new HD2 and HD3 channels at each station.  “In order to take full advantage of HD Radio Technology, we are beginning to produce specific and special programming for our growing audience on digital radio” said Carlos Lara Sumano, Director General of IMER.  Today, “Jazz at Any Moment” and “Music of the World” are two HD2 and HD3 dedicated programs that are produced by IMER.

Said Bob Struble, iBiquity CEO: “We’re excited that our good friends at IMER, along with many other partners, are committed to a digital radio future in Mexico.  More and more Mexicans are enjoying HD Radio broadcasts as automakers’ and aftermarket manufacturers’ HD Radio receiver sales grow. Forward looking broadcasters like IMER will ensure that Mexican listeners can experience the upgraded quality, increased content choice and advanced interactive features the HD Radio system provides.”

HD Radio gear for all thirteen IMER stations were provided by GatesAir.  In the coming months, IMER plans to begin its first AM HD transmission on XEQX1350 in Mexico City.  GatesAir engineers will assist in the station conversion.

Automakers shipping HD Radio-equipped vehicles in Mexico include Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, RAM, and Toyota. HD Radio aftermarket and home products are also available from multiple brands including Alpine, Kenwood, Insignia, Pioneer and Sony at leading major Mexican retailers; Best Buy, Coppel, Elektra, FAMSA, Liverpool, Sears and Woolworth.
IMER’s HD Radio offerings:

Station City Frequency
XHIMER-FM Mexico City 94.5
XHOF-FM Mexico City 105.7
XHIMR-FM Mexico City 107.9
XHUAN-FM Tijuana 102.5
XHUAR-FM Juárez City 106.7
XHRF-FM Acuña 103.9
XHFQ-FM Cananea 103.1
XHLAC-FM Cárdenas 107.9
XHSCO-FM Salina Cruz 96.3
XHCHZ-FM Chiapa de Corzo 107.9
XHEMIT-FM Comitán 107.9
XHCAH-FM Cacahoatán 89.1
XHYUC-FM Yucatán 92.9