Importance of the DTV Digital Transition to the ANA


See this short video clip narrated by Michael Kokernak, Co-CEO of Backchannelmedia.  it’s a compilation of excerpts from a presentation to C-level marketing executives at the Association of National Advertisers.  The video shows how the digital transition is more than converter boxes, coupons and deadlines—the digital transition is as significant for television as the adoption of broadband was for the Internet.   It’s the result of many significant game-changing technology advances, industry and governmental forces, and an important next step for broadcasters and advertisers. 

Now that television and the Internet both speak the same “digital” language, there are new opportunities for marketers to combine the effectiveness of both mediums and determine the true value of television advertising.  The most effective method of accomplishing this is to link television content to directly to Web content using a consumer experience that is enjoyable and useful.  Consumers will now be able to interact with television content, and advertisers will be able to receive metrics linked to real sales.

Michael Kokernak is the CEO and President of Across Platforms, Inc. Across Platforms, Inc. is a multiscreen technologies consulting firm.   Michael also has written about the iPad and TV Everywhere.   Michael is also the founder, and past CEO, of Backchannelmedia. He can be reached at [email protected]