Imus leaving RFD-TV


The NY Daily News reports Don Imus is leaving RFD-TV, the network that gave him a second chance. Imus will be leaving the rural-focused channel as of 9/1, due to not renewing his contract. In all likelihood his Citadel-syndicated radio and TV simulcast will resurface soon on the Fox Business Network.

RFD became the surprise home of Imus’s show when he returned to the radio on 12/3/07, after six months in exile over an ill-advised remark about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

RFD focuses primarily on rural America, with a lot of farm programs, and RFD founder Patrick Gottsch said he hoped Imus’s high profile would help RFD get picked up by larger urban cable systems.

Gottsch issued a statement yesterday saying Imus has “contributed immensely to the unprecedented growth experienced by RFD-TV over the past two years.”

Imus issued a statement saying, “I will always appreciate the support of Patrick and RFD-TV in laumching the new ‘Imus in the Morning’ program. I wish RFD-TV the best of luck moving forward.”