Imus, Severin get into fiery exchange


Don Imus broadcast his morning radio show live from The Wilbur Theater in Boston on St. Patty’s Day, but it’s what happened off the air that’s making headlines, according to NECN.

According to several sources, Imus threatened to shoot WTKK-FM Boston host Jay Severin if he didn’t leave immediately. Severin had visited Imus briefly on stage while off-air. The story noted Imus and Severin’s friendship has soured recently with Severin deciding to no longer appear on the show of the man who’s disparaging remarks about a black women’s basketball team got him fired.

It is well known that Imus possesses a license to carry a concealed weapon.

“Don was obviously joking,” said his agent. It was clearly a figure of speech. This speaks volumes about Mr. Severin’s desperation for attention; that he would pretend to have taken this seriously. Unless, of course, he was afraid he would be shot with a pencil.”

Severin’s agent shot back: “It wasn’t a joke. How was it a joke? If it was a joke, why wasn’t Jay up on the stage laughing with him. It wasn’t said for the audience. Utterly ridiculous. I can’t believe they would make a statement like that in good conscience.”

Severin’s agent says he didn’t know why Jay didn’t call the police, saying “I don’t know what he was thinking. He got out of there, and that was it.”