In-state public radio coming to Delaware


NPR / National Public RadioDelaware has access to noncommercial public radio, but it tends to flow in from out-of-state, and therefore lacks programming of specific interest to residents of the state. That is about to change as WDDE-FM gets ready to begin operations later this year.

According to the News Journal’s, three entities are collaborating on the project to create a noncom based in Delaware. WDDE-FM is licensed to Dover, the state’s capital.

Delaware First Media, the University of Delaware and Delaware State University are footing the bill to get the station up and running.

Most states would require a network of stations to provide a statewide service. Of course, most states are quite a bit larger than Delaware.

Nevertheless, WDDE will not be able to do the job by itself. A Class A on 91.1 MHz, it has only 2.1 kW at its disposal, beaming from 236’ HAAT, putting out a primary contour that is limited to the central portion of the state.

The powers organizing the project are considering ways to amplify the station’s reach, but that is a project for down the road. The internet will be in the distribution mix.

The station plans to affiliate with NPR. It is said to have start-up funding and will be looking at securing operational funding going forward.