In the aftermath of the CBS cutbacks


I already considered you a class act, but the offer to keep the employees that have been affected by the Mass downsizing, with access to RBR is just another example of a person that understands that being cut off from the day to day Broadcasting News is almost as devastating as the layoff it’s self.
Here at the Radio Colorado Network of 5 Stations covering 89% of Colorado, I have only had to let the guy that shovels the snow at our Headquarters building.  We already run all 5 Radio stations out of 5 studios at the main office, and no 5 Managers, 5 Sales Managers, 5 PD’s etc, just a well oiled machine of hard working people. So to some extent we have been insulated from the "Top Heavy" Corporate mentality.
Best regards, keep up the good work.
Ron Nickell
Sr. VP. Radio Colorado Networks
Global American Satellite Networks
President RNP Productions/Broadcasting Consultant

Nice touch on the continued subscriptions to folks going through the wave of cuts at different groups.  I bet a small gesture like that goes a long way to the once-and-future pros in our business affected at times like this.
Take care.
Don Davis
President and CEO
Prairie Radio Communications

To repeat:
Publisher note: To CBS, Emmis or any employee that has lost their position and wishes to continue to receive RBR, send your name, email address and phone to Jim Carnegie at [email protected] we will keep you reading as long as you wish.