In the midst of suit, new Taco Bell campaign includes employees (video)


The second effort from the Yum Brands chain to battle a consumer rights class-action suit filed 1/19 by a law firm on behalf of a Taco Bell customer over false advertising over its “seasoned beef.”: This time employees, restaurant managers and franchisees of Taco Bell restaurants are coming together to share the facts about the ingredients in its seasoned beef recipe. 

Starting 2/28, Taco Bell launched its “Talk” campaign that includes :30 and :15 television spots, terrestrial and internet radio ads, online keyword buys and social media support, as well as Hispanic broadcast spots.

Taco Bell’s Rob Poetsch tells RBR-TVBR the spots will run across network and cable channels, including sports programming and news.  Networks include A&E, E!, ESPN, Comedy Central, Spike, MTV, TBS, VH1 and more. 

In the ads an employee says, “Our seasoned beef is 88% premium ground beef and 12% signature recipe.  If you want to see that signature recipe, go to It’s right there.”  Taco Bell’s website includes detailed info  regarding its seasoned beef recipe of 88% beef and 12% seasonings, spices, water, and other ingredients.

The “Talk” Script:

EMPLOYEE 1: There’s been a lot of talk about our seasoned beef. 

EMPLOYEE 2: But here’s the whole truth. 

EMPLOYEE 3: Our seasoned beef is 88 percent premium ground beef and 12 percent signature recipe. 

EMPLOYEE 1: If you want to see that signature recipe, go to It’s right there.

EMPLOYEE 2: But if you want to know what that TASTES like, go to Taco Bell and get a Crunchwrap Supreme for only 88¢. 

EMPLOYEE 3: You heard ‘em, 88¢ for a Crunchwrap Supreme. 

EMPLOYEE 1: 88¢. This week only. 

EMPLOYEE 2: Let ‘em talk about that. 

The :30 television spot: