In The Works: A Next-Gen Ad Management Software Platform


The development of a new, next-generation advertising management software platform designed to provide broadcasters with the ability to effectively exploit the potential of the new monetization opportunities of ATSC 3.0 digital television technology is underway.

The companies intent on bringing the SaaS platform to fruition are Sinclair Broadcast Group and Imagine Communications.

Thanks to a partnership agreement forged between the broadcast TV company, a key backer of ATSC 3.0’s rollout, and software solutions firm Imagine, Sinclair will play “a critical role” in the development of next-generation business process systems for traffic, ad sales and data analytics that allow for unit- and impression-based buys.

Specifically, Sinclair will provide oversight in the product development process, helping to ensure the platform will effectively address the capabilities of new advanced advertising models.

In addition, SBG has committed to a rollout of beta testing for both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 models, helping to ensure that innovative solutions are applied to the new platform that accommodates the overall broadcast industry.

Both companies anticipate this collaboration will help to accelerate the adoption of ATSC 3.0 by giving broadcasters the advertising management tools that enable them to fully realize the sales opportunities afforded by a multi-service delivery model.

The service delivery enhancements of ATSC 3.0, which include an IP-based backchannel, accompanied by the sophisticated monetization capabilities enabled through the Imagine-SBG collaboration, will help to boost the competitive standing and creativity of local broadcast groups, while offering viewers a highly personalized and interactive content experience.

Sinclair Chief Technology Officer Del Parks notes, “Our development partnership with Imagine will ensure that we maximize the monetization opportunities these new capabilities that an IP delivery model offers by utilizing business systems that provide precise targeting and geographical positioning across all distribution and consumption models.”

Sarah Foss, Chief Product Officer of Advertising Management Solutions at Imagine Communications, adds, “This agreement provides both Sinclair and Imagine  with a unique opportunity to bring the capabilities of our ad management solutions, including zone-based targeting and dynamic ad insertion, that have gained market leadership among MVPDs to the broadcast realm. It’s a win-win for both companies — and, ultimately, the North American broadcast market.”