Incentive auction workshop on the bubble


GavelThe main reason the FCC is preparing to hold incentive auctions of television spectrum is to make room for mobile broadband service. But another goal is to keep some spectrum space for unlicensed use. A workshop on that facet of the project could fall prey to the shutdown.

As part of the FCC’s LEARN Program (LEARN means Learn Everything About Reverse-Auctions Now), a workshop on the implications of the project on unlicensed devices was scheduled for 10/24/13.

According to the FCC, “The workshop will focus on the benefits and uses of unlicensed spectrum in the existing and future television bands white spaces and in the guard bands of the new 600 MHz band following the upcoming incentive auction, as well as technical questions associated with proposed unlicensed operations in the 600 MHz band. The FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the broadcast television incentive auction, including issues relating to unlicensed spectrum, in October, 2012.”

The workshop is scheduled to be held at FCC headquarters in Washington. That is provided that the FCC is actually open for business.