Incoming Florida House staffer gets the Hill's attention


WFTL-AM West Palm Beach midday Talker Joyce Kaufman is heading to Capitol Hill to head the staff of incoming freshman Allen West (R-FL), and her reputation as a flame-throwing conservative voice is preceding her.

The Capitol Hill dailies and various political blogs have noticed her imminent arrival in Washington DC, and they have found much to discuss in statements she has made.

For instance, she is entering an institution that prides itself on decorum, at least among the elected members. It doesn’t matter how profoundly a long-termer like John Conyers (D-MI) might disagree with another member on a given topic. He will still call that member the “gentleman” or “gentlelady” of whichever state the gentleperson happens to come from.

Kaufman, meanwhile, recently called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “garbage.” This may be standard fare on the wilds of the AM radio dial, but it is a major breech of protocol on Capitol Hill.

Another story that has come up repeatedly is Kaufman’s past relationship with cable giant Comcast, which is very much on the Hill agenda thanks to its pending acquisition of NBCU, which is under regulatory review. Comcast’s provision on a telephone menu of a Spanish language option caused her to cancel her subscription.

WFTL-AM is a James Crystal station on 850 kHz. On its website, it congratulated Kaufman on her impending move to Washington and said she would maintain a relationship with the station as its Washington correspondent, details to come.