From Job Search To Wellness, Radio’s The Healthy Choice


There’s some hot new activity from two disparate brands that’s worth noting on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

A newly launched campaign from a leading employment need website puts a brand in the top 10. At the same time, a leading pharmacy has stepped up its efforts and is also among this week’s top 10 users of spot radio.

While The Home Depot continues its reign at the top, new efforts from and Walgreens deserve attention.

Indeed has emerged as a leading source of job listings, and with 21,147 spot plays detected, it’s back with a new radio effort ahead of the traditional job search season — mid-July through September.

Meanwhile, pharmacy chain Walgreens (using the historic Duane Reade brand in New York City) stepped up its efforts with radio, leaping to No. 6 thanks to 22,141 spots detected by Media Monitors.

Also of note is an increased effort from Macy’s, pushing it to 30,651 spot plays.