Independent Broadcasters Board Takes Shape


The Independent Broadcasters Association has filed articles of incorporation in the State of Minnesota and is officially in business with a freshly formed board of directors.

“We filed the articles last Friday, on a day where we were at 96% of our 3,000-station goal,” says Ron Stone, the President/CEO of Adams Radio Group and the linchpin behind the IBA’s foundation.

According to Stone, some 2,877 stations had signed up, represented by just under 600 owners and operators. “We continue to have additional owners signing up every day,” Stone said.

One third of the IBA’s Board Members will turn over every December 31, starting in 2021.

They are, in addition to Stone, as follows:

  • Deborah Barrera, R Communications
  • Kristin Cantrell, Seven Mountains Media and Cap City Communications
  • Darrell Calton, Iliad Media Group
  • Allen Dick, Dick Broadcasting
  • Mike Flood, Flood Communications
  • Kenneth Forte, R&F Communications
  • Charles Johnson, Northstar Broadcast
  • Kimberly Martinez, All Pro Broadcasting
  • Gregory Pretko, Southern Stone Communications
  • Kelly Radandt, Woodward Radio Group
  • Tony Renda, Renda Broadcasting
  • David Stephens, Stephens Media Group
  • Tony Richards, Kensington Digital
  • Cindy Taylor, Ohio Midland Newsgroup
  • Rebecca White, Salem Media (of Indiana)
  • Sandra Woodruff, Northwest Indy Radio

The IBA’s inaugural board meeting is scheduled for next week. At the meeting, the board will decide mostly organizational matters and to approve the business plan.

Stone expects the membership section of the IBA web site to be operational by August 1. “The IBA will be running at full speed in August,” he says. “We anticipate delivering substantial parts of the program to our members before the end of 2020. We have
some heavy lifting to do, and everyone is excited to get to it.”