Independent MN gubernatorial candidate makes his case on radio


Tom Horner believes that the major parties are offering the citizens of Minnesota options that are either too far to the right or too far to the left, and is going on radio with a pledge to chart a path down the middle as an Independent Party candidate. And a candidate for local office is using radio in the Mobile AL area.

Horner is prepared to drop $30K weekly on radio, along with a related internet campaign. Key Minneapolis-St. Paul AM stations WCCO and KSTP figure strongly in the buy, along with stations in other key markets in the state.

“Minnesotans are dissatisfied with the candidates coming from the extreme right and left. The polarization will be on full display at the Legislature this week,” said Horner. “These spots introduce me to Minnesotans, let voters know that there is an alternative to the extremes and that there is a candidate who is committed to doing what’s right, not fighting over who’s right.”

Meanwhile, local Baldwin County AL businessman Tucker Dorsey is using radio to present somewhat of a celebrity endorsement of his candidacy to represent Mobile and other nearby communities on the Baldwin County Commission. The message comes from former Georgia University football coach and Mobile native Vince Dooley. Dorsey is trying to unhorse a Republican incumbent in a primary election.

RBR-TVBR observation: Radio is a great campaign tool. The medium’s affordability and especially its efficiency – its ability to target specific demographics in specific geographical locations — makes it a perfect medium for politicians in the heat of a campaign.