InfinityLink IP, FiberLink 4K/UHD Solutions Earn A Spotlight


Artel Video Systems is going global with its showcase of its InfinityLink IP- and fiber-based solutions and FiberLink 4K/UHD products.

The two products will be showcased at the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai, SMPTE17 Australia Expo and Conference, Mediatech Africa 2017, and BIRTV 2017.

The worldwide focus on its InfinityLink and FiberLink products is in direct response to the transition to the next-generation TV broadcast standard.

“As broadcast technologies and standards continue to advance, offering reliable solutions to manage the migration toward all-IP networks, meeting analog switch-off deadlines, transitioning to ATSC 3.0, and providing Ultra High Definition (UHD) solutions becomes paramount,” Artel says. “To meet the needs of end users worldwide, Artel Video Systems has partnered with AV Group Technologies, Beijing Cromsys, and Concilium to feature the company’s IP-based and 4K solutions at key industry events this summer.”

Channel partner Beijing Cromsys will showcase Artel’s InfinityLink and FiberLink solutions at the 2017 NAB Show Shanghai, which began today (6/13) and runs through Thursday, June 15.

This will be repeated at BIRTV 2017, set for August 23-26 in Beijing.

AV Group Technologies will exhibit at SMPTE17 Australia July 18-21. Artel’s Paul Seiden, Director of International and Channel Sales, will be on hand to provide additional information on the latest features and functionality in Artel’s IP-based solutions.

Concilium is participating in Mediatech Africa 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa, from July 19-21. Concilium plans to demonstrate InfinityLink’s IP solution and expanded management capabilities.

“Artel is pleased to partner with AV Group, Beijing Cromsys, and Concilium and support their efforts in delivering leading-edge multimedia solutions and services,” said Tony Morelli, Chief Revenue Officer, Artel Video Systems. “Jointly, we’re able to meet the growing needs of international end users and their customers.”