ING launches “Orange Money” campaign


Dollar SignING U.S. launched a new campaign focused on the importance of closely managing the money they have earmarked for retirement. Through the new campaign, ING U.S. introduces a concept that leverages its well-known, orange brand color. The creative message suggests that everyone needs to start picturing some of their money as Orange Money. Unlike their green money, their Orange Money needs to be set aside today in order to prepare for their retirement goals. The campaign will feature three new television commercials along with a digital marketing component.

“The theme of this campaign is more than simply about saving – it’s about prioritization, so that you feel like you’re in control of your financial future,” said Ann Glover, ING U.S. chief marketing officer. “More importantly, the ads show how being prudent with your ‘Orange Money’ and sensibly managing your personal finances doesn’t mean you have to give up living, which you do with your green money.”

The three television commercials literally and figuratively convey the idea that Orange Money is for long-term saving. Similar to past advertising, the new campaign takes on a light and irreverent style while leveraging iconic imagery that has characterized the company’s brand evolution in the U.S.—like its “Bench” and retirement “Number” creative.

In one spot called “Grill Master,” a man is shopping for a barbeque grill. Although he entered the store intending to buy a large, nicely equipped stainless steel grill, a salesman tries to steer him to a pricier model with many more bells and whistles. After comparing the two grills, and then looking at the green and Orange Money in his wallet, the customer decides the first model is more than adequate. He puts the Orange Money back in his wallet and confidently states that “this Orange Money is not for awesome grills; it’s for my awesome retirement.”

Another spot features a couple discussing the importance of being responsible with their Orange Money, which they need for their retirement. The wife, who is doing laundry, finds some Orange Money in the pocket of a pair of jeans. After calling out her husband to be more careful with their Orange Money, he dutifully points out that the jeans belong to her.

The new Orange Money commercials will begin airing 3/14 on financial news programming across a number of networks. They are also scheduled to run on network television around sports programming, including the men’s national collegiate basketball championships.

Digital advertising will include online video, display ads, paid search, and high-impact site sponsorships. Ads will appear across a variety of digital properties that are visited for financial information and other content that aligns with target customer lifestyle interests.