Ingraham to air from DNC, RNC; speaks with McCain


Talk Radio Network Enterprises’ The Laura Ingraham Show announced plans to broadcast live from both the Democratic and Republican conventions. The strategy is to talk directly with the news makers present as events unfold on the convention floors and report back to her radio audience.

As a prelude to the conventions, Ingraham had the honor of an exclusive interview with presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee  John McCain on Wednesday’s program.

Ingraham brought up the fact that Senator McCain is now five points ahead of Senator Barack Obama in the latest Rueters/Zogby poll.  Ingraham also mentioned that she believed that the increase in the latest poll was due to Senator McCain articulating more conservative views including a pro-life stance. 

She asked her national radio audience to email any questions they had for Senator McCain.  The overwhelming majority of questions Ingraham received were regarding his decision about a vice-presidential running mate; the question everyone has been asking. McCain replied saying, “I have not made the decision and we are in the process.” 

Ingraham then brought up all the competition from abroad and how the United States is doing economically. When she asked McCain about the reports that China’s economy will be larger than the U.S. in the year 2020 and referred to the Midwest as the Rust Belt, McCain replied, “ I grow a little weary, and frankly the people in Michigan, Ohio, Arizona and others are a little weary of people saying, WE CAN’T. We can’t drill off shore, we can’t build nuclear power plants, we can’t build hybrid cars, we can’t make use of natural gas, and we can’t utilize clean coal technology. AMERICA CAN…that is the history of our country… America can…must, and will.”

Senator John McCain stated that, “The United States is the most innovative, the most productive and the biggest exporter…America’s best days are ahead of us.”  Senator McCain went on to say that, “The Twenty-first Century will be the American Century as well.”

Ingraham asked McCain if he ever answered a question with the phrase, “ That’s above my pay grade,” McCain replied, “No, no, and not especially anyone who aspires to be the president of the United States…I don’t know any pay grade higher than that.” This was in reference to a recent remark made by Senator Obama in a nationally televised interview.