Initiative details Superbowl pre/post efforts


Initiative announced it has placed 10 Superbowl spots and partnerships for a range of clients (i.e. Hyundai/Kia, Dr. Pepper, Vizio, FlowTV) and is conducting post Superbowl research: 

•         PropheSEE – Flash Reporting:  Initiative will be conduction a “buzz effort” research around its Super Bowl advertisers and a large list of others prior to the SuperBowl to establish primary benchmarks of buzz volume and sentiment.  By approximately 3:30 ET the day after the SuperBowl Initiative will conduct another calibration of buzz for the same advertisers to establish changes to volume and sentiment.  This would provide final tallies and reporting by early morning on Tuesday after the Super Bowl. 

•         PropheSEE Deep Dives:  For their Super Bowl advertisers Initiative will also follow up about 2-3 weeks later with deep dives into the discussion threads, the areas of sentiment and the sources of volume.