Inovonics Brings ‘Listener Experience’ To SiteStreamer


The INOmini 638 HD SiteStreamer from Inovonics is now available with “Listener Experience” to enhance remote monitoring of FM and HD Radio Channels through the dynamic web interface.

That’s because “Listener Experience” is a new option available on the 638 remote web interface, allowing users to remotely view on a single screen all of the FM and HD-Radio Channels 1-8 from channel presets on the unit.

From a single screen, users can now individually select and view information from the FM channel, and all of the HD-Radio channels that are being transmitted. Available information includes: Station Call Letters, RDS messaging, Artist, Title, Album, and Genre.

In addition, the 638 allows for remote listening via a live stream.

Listener Experience is available as a free firmware upgrade for the 638.

Users need to install the 638 Firmware Update Rev which is available for download at this link: