Interep Radio Symposium today in NYC


Interep announced an additional list of speakers appearing at its 4th annual Radio Symposium today-Radio:  New Century, New Directions, New Opportunities-at Bear Stearns in NYC.  A new study from the RAB's "Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab" (RAEL) will be unveiled at the day-long event. It will be presented by Jeff Haley, RAB CEO, Mary Bennett, RAB EVP/Marketing, and Jim Peacock of Peacock Research. In addition, Arbitron and Media Audit will present updates on the PPM and audience measurement; iBiquity on HD Radio; Media Monitors on ad tracking; and Miller Kaplan on ad spending trends. The day-long event is hosted by Bear Stearns broadcast analyst Victor Miller, whose presentation is titled, "Is the Radio World Flat?"

He tells RBR his opening remarks begin with the following theme: "Today we will talk about many of the legends of modern radio.  For seven years, the compound revenue growth of the radio industry has approximated 0%.  The evidence suggests that the radio revenue world currently IS flat.  And this type of revenue scenario would most likely translate to negative EBITDA growth.  Are the legends of the state of radio reality or myth? Ultimately the 'the world is not flat contingent' had its Columbus; an adventurer with the nautical skills and conviction who set out to prove what Aristotle knew 2,000 years earlier.  Who is radio's Christopher Columbus?  Who is going to sail the treacherous waters of media to prove that radio is not 'flat'."