Inter/Media revs up AIS TV spot


If you are trying to reach a young male demographic that spends his free time at a computer terminal, what better way to do that than creating a TV spot that emulates the hugely successful auto racing video games? Inter/Media Advertising has done just that for Auto Insurance Specialists, Inc. (AIS), by blending live action with animation in what may well be one of the first-ever direct response ads specifically created using both disciplines.

The ad, called "Video Game", initially shows its live action protagonist in the animated sleek blue car given the starting flag by a beautiful female starter. He races the red car through the city streets, negotiating key turns and straightaways, while encountering the "Expensive Way Toll Way" and "Fly By Night Insurance" curve. While the red car-representing buyers who pay for the competitor's auto insurance-crashes in a heap, the blue car goes on to navigate the $600 AIS savings warp and comes skidding to a halt just over the finish line. The live action racer jumps from his car and gets a hug from the beautiful female starter while claiming his trophy and the savings from AIS.

The 30-second hybrid spot was created by Inter/Media in-house over four months. Inter/Media, which specializes in blending DR advertising with general market techniques, has been handling AIS's advertising since 1997. Inter/Media bills 400 million annually. The AIS spot will air in daytime slots on local broadcast stations. It will begin airing in early July.