Internet ad future remains bright


ARAnet president Scott Severson notes that most tracking companies figure Internet advertising is going to be on the rise for some time to come. He says that a large reason for that is its affordability, especially compared to some forms of traditional media. And another big argument in its favor is the ease with which a client company can measure its return on investment.

Meanwhile, the internet advertising format most akin to some traditional forms, the display banner, is rapidly sinking into the sunset. Established web portals are said to be experiencing small gains, flatness or even losses in the category.

RBR/TVBR observation: In the media world, it is traditional for the new kid on the block to experience exponential growth in its first few years of acceptance. This new kid, however, offers accountability and immediacy due to its very nature. The pressure is on for broadcasters to match it as best they can. Can you say PPM? And broadcasters must make sure their web presence is such that they are getting a piece of that rapid growth pie as well.