Internet audio service looking to foment LPFM


Internet Address BarA self-described freeform online radio station called Hollow Earth Radio is a Seattle area non-profit volunteer-run service that promotes local music and arts. And it believes the FCC’s plans to add to the total of low power FMs provides an excellent opportunity for the community it serves to find a home on the air.

To that end, it is seeking a knowledgeable individual to fill the new role of LPFM Coordinator. And it looks like it is interested in picking up one for itself as well.

The coordinator will be the organization’s first paid employee.

“Starting in October of 2013, the FCC is opening a new licensing window which will make available several Low Power FM frequencies for community & nonprofit organizations like HER. Although we have sustained our operation for the past seven years completely on volunteer power, we are now offering a paid LPFM Coordinator position to help us transition to this new phase.”

Here’s what the individual will be tasked with: “This position will be responsible for community building & outreach surrounding our LPFM transition projects, overseeing LPFM committees, creating a ‘Neighborhood Newsroom,’ and working with radio engineers to help facilitate a studio & broadcast equipment upgrade to meet FCC/LPFM standards. The LPFM coordinator will be HER’s community liaison, advocating for community members and organizations to get involved in the station at this exciting time.”

HER is looking to provide the kind of hyperlocal content that will get citizens involved with the station.

What does one look for in a candidate for a job like LPFM Coordinator?

In this case, it’s weighted to the communications and outreach side. Here’s what HER is looking for:

* A college background in media or journalism desired or an equivalent of two or more years experience working/volunteering in radio/media/journalism/community organizing are highly desired.

* We are looking for candidates with experience in promotional and community outreach campaigns.
* Radio and/or audio technical skills a plus but not needed. Willingness to learn these skills from technical staff and share them with volunteers are a must.

* Excellent communication skills (in person and online) with experience training people.

* Must be self-motivated, able to work independently, and open to receiving support & feedback from the HER board, Director, and LPFM committees via email and weekly or bi-weekly in-person meetings.

The pay isn’t bad — $20 an hour – but it’s for only 10 hours weekly. It also comes with a 42-week term limit, although there is a possibility it might be extended. Applications are due in by 10/11/13.