Internet audio service on the hunt for radio-quality music


OutboundMusic Internet Radio has grown from one to six channels since its launch in 2001. It is looking for quality original music in a number of different formats to include in its set of limited playlists. High production values are a must.

The service’s areas of interest include Country, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Metal and Christian – and it is not at all interested in hearing how an artist plays some other artist’s music – in addition to demanding radio-quality production, the service enforces a no cover rule.

The twin demands mean that the music it selects is limited, with the beneficial result of a high rotation for the artists earning a place on the playlist. The service says it features over 900 independent artists over its six program streams. It also offers listeners a chance to buy the music of its featured artists.

Outbound noted, “Our playground is located on the great leveling field, the Internet. To music enthusiasts, we offer music that is screened for craftsmanship and content, free Internet Radio, a way to easily purchase our artists’ music (downloads or mail-order) and many other services.”

RBR-TVBR observation: There is no reason local radio stations cannot emulate this model. Limit your search to bands that live or are active within your signal contour, put the onus of quality on the talent, and make your website and even your airwaves available to the cream. It’ll look fabulous in the localism portion of your public file.