Internet closed captioning rules kicked off


Closed CaptionDistributors of certain types of internet video content are now required to supply closed captioning for the benefit of deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens.

The FCC stated, “Closed captioning is the visual display of the audio portion of video programming.  These Internet closed captioning requirements were implemented pursuant to the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA).”

The following program categories are subject to the new rules, which went into effect 9/30/12.

* Programming that is shown on television with closed captions on or after September 30, 2012

* Programming that is added to the online distributor’s inventory on or after September 30, 2012

* Programming that is not substantially edited for the Internet

The requirement will be added for other types of programming at a future date, including live or near-live events, programs edited for the internet, and inventoried/archived internet content.