Internet radio is the movie enthusiast's medium


While movie studios are well known for big budget TV ad buys, surveys are showing that their best customers might be available on a much different medium – internet radio.

A Mediamark Research & Intelligence Survey has shown that internet radio listeners far outpace any other audience measurement group in terms of movie-going habits. Online radio users are 37% more likely than an average TV watcher, and 32% more likely than an average internet user to go to at least one movie per week.

“Online radio, led by TargetSpot, allows the film industry to market their single product, namely the movie, at every appropriate stage of its life span, from pumping up the opening weekend and box office numbers, to expanding its post-theater offerings in Video On-Demand, DVD purchases and rentals, as well as reminding users to buy it as a gift at the holidays. This 360 degree approach is completely unique to the online radio medium. TargetSpot has found that studios are increasingly recognizing the importance of using online radio at every stage of messaging for their product,” said Andy Lipset, co-President for sales at TargetSpot.

Internet Radio listeners are also far more likely to catch the latest offering, as the survey shows that they are 35% more likely to come out for a picture’s opening weekend than a regular TV watcher.

Lipset noted that studios are catching on to the great value of the internet radio audience, as several blockbuster hits were preceded by a big advertising campaign on TargetSpot’s network.

The internet radio crowd is not just heading out to the multiplex. They are also much more interested in videos. No one will be surprised that they are frequent Netflix’s and patrons: About 100% more likely to use either of these services than a typical TV watcher, and two-thirds more likely to subscribe than a regular internet user.

But the internet radio audience is also willing to step out to get a video. According to MRI, online listeners are nearly 44% more likely to go to a physical Blockbuster location than a TV viewer, and 22% more likely than a general internet surfer. The same pattern holds true for actually purchasing DVDs – Internet Radio users far outpace all other mediums in actually buying videos from every possible outlet, be it Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, a discount department store or an electronics store.

Of course, it goes without saying that internet radio listeners are happy to watch online. They are three times more likely than the national average to stream video, and two times more likely than even regular internet users.

At the same time, internet radio listeners are much more likely to watch a pay-per-view TV movie – 25% more likely than a regular internet user, and 47% more than a regular TV watcher. They are also by far the top purchasers of the growing assortment of video on-demand offerings – 58% more likely to watch video on-demand than a TV viewer.

“Survey after survey has shown that internet radio listeners are the most likely purchasers of practically every aspect of entertainment available,” said Eric Ronning, co-President for Sales of TargetSpot. “Our advertisers know that TargetSpot’s audience is composed of the people who have and spend disposable income and continue to make entertainment a priority, whether that’s going out to see a movie on opening weekend or watching it at home on pay-per-view.”