Tech Scare You? Starting Next Tuesday, RBR+TVBR Makes It Easy







Radio and television technology is not static. In fact, it’s always changing, and station owners and executives need to know how these changes can impact operating expenses, legal issues, and regulatory compliance.








“As part of Radio+Television Business Report’s mission to provide readers with news and information that impact decision-making at the corporate and ownership level, we concluded that there is a void in this area. The Weekly Tech Roundup is designed to be a quick read that will not only keep senior management aware of tech trends and developments, but give them a better grasp of the questions they need to be asking their CTOs, engineers, and technical staff,” according to Deborah Parenti, publisher of Radio+Television Business Report.

Dash-180x144RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup will be published every Tuesday and report on technology and equipment that is here today and coming down the road. The weekly update will cover a full range of tech-related topics of interest to media management as well as their legal and financial counterparts. What do stations need to know about the spectrum repack? Which next-gen television and radio standards are being updated? As an owner or manager, do you know if you have up-to-date studio and transmission equipment, or when each piece should be replaced to keep your station on the air and operating most efficiently and within regulatory guidelines?

These are just some of the types of stories that will be covered in the RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup:

• Transmission gear related to the television channel re-pack
• Television’s new in-studio tech
• Radio’s in-car and in-studio tech
• Emergency alerting
• Voltair
• Manufacturer news, including new gear and hires
• NextRadio
• HD Radio

Board-250x129The stories in the tech update will reflect Editor-in-Chief Leslie Stimson’s expertise in tech reporting. They will be different from the financial/regulatory stories featured daily in RBR+TVBR but still written through a corporate/owner/management lens, covering how the latest tech news and developments impact operations and the bottom line.

Stimson says, “We want to give readers short, up-to-date information on technology news – enough to inform them without wasting precious time. These management-focused tech stories will help owners, operators, managers, and their staffs to quickly learn what tech changes are happening and affecting their stations.”

RBR+TVBR is proud to have the following launch sponsors:

• Nautel
• ENCO Systems
• Tieline
• Comrex
• GatesAir
• Telos
• Imagine
• Vertical Bridge

Look for the debut issue of RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup delivered Tuesday, July 5th 2016.