Investment in transmitter could be money-saver


Dollar SignThat was the case for KFMC-FM in Fairmont MN, which realized lower overhead by replacing a 30-year-old device with a new, more efficient model.

The old  tube-based model was consuming a high amount of energy, and was also consuming a high amount of maintenance costs, not to mention the fact that it was getting harder to so much as find parts for it.

Putting in a sold state GateAir Flexiva transmitter reduced energy costs significantly, and even earned the station a utility company rebate.

The station is a Class C1 on 106.5 MHz with 100 kW @ 371’. It  is located southwest of Mankato.

“Our previous transmitter was nearly three decades old, requiring constant maintenance made more difficult by a dwindling supply of spare parts,” said Woody Woodward, general manager of KFMC and sister station KSUM(AM). Woodward added that for his station, tube replacement is a thing of the past and maintenance is a comparative breeze.

RBR-TVBR observation: The lesson is that sometimes what looks like a capital expenditure can actually be a cost-saving measure. It’s important to keep on top of the technology and be ready to pull out the checkbook when the time is right.

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