Iowa broadcaster encircling Des Moines


M&H Broadcasting currently owns an AM-FM combo located to the southeast of Des Moines IA, both of which are considered to be a part of the market by Arbitron/BIA. Now, as M&M Broadcasting has a deal to get three more, also considered part of the market but coming out of the other side.

The stations being sold are KDLS-AM Perry IA, KKRF-FM Stuart IA and KGRA-FM Jefferson IA. They will pair up with the buyer’s KNIA-AM & KRLS-FM Knoxville IA. None of the five stations project a primary signal contour over the actual city of Des Moines.

M&M is listed as a subsidiary of M&H, which in turn is owned by Mel and Holly Suhr.

The seller is Coon Valley Communications Inc., headed by Patrick Delaney.

The price is listed as $500K cash, and an additional $25K non-compete brings the total value of the deal up to $525K. M&H and Coon Valley also noted in the contract that they would strike a separate deal in which M&H would acquire accounts receivable. The details of that arrangement were not included in the document package forwarded to the FCC.

KDLS-AM, a Classic Hits station on 1310 kHz, is a Class B with 500 W-D, 300 W-N and a directional antenna, coming into town from the northwest.

KKRF-FM is a 107.9 MHz Class C3 Country outlet with 9.4 kW @ 492’, located west of Des Moines.

KGRA-FM  is also a Class C3 Country station, on 98.9 MHz with 11 kW @ 499’ and sited to the northwest.

KNIA-AM is a Class D Country station on 1320, with 500 W-D, 222 W-N and a directional antenna, to the southeast of town.

Also coming from the southeast is News/Talk/Oldies KRLS-FM, a Class C3 on  92.1 MHz with 15.5 kW @ 308’.
M&H also owns KCII AM-FM Washington IA, well to the east of Des Moines and not a factor in the local market considerations implicated by this deal.