'Irene' coverage WFTL 850 West Palm simulcasts Merlin's NYC-FM News 101.9


As Hurricane Irene approaches the New York metropolitan area, listeners of Florida’s WFTL 850 AM will hear the most accurate on-air coverage of the storm as it is simulcast through Merlin Media’s recently launched FM News 101.9 New York.

With WFTL 850 AM’s simulcast, listeners in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and other parts of South Florida will receive critical information on Hurricane Irene that includes detailed weather forecasts from the largest FM team of meteorologists, understandable traffic reports monitoring evacuation efforts, and other essential hurricane preparation survival information.

This news is of vital importance to South Florida’s large population of former New Yorkers and residents with friends, family and property on the Eastern seaboard.

The simulcast began Friday afternoon at 3 P.M. and will continue throughout the weekend along with local cut-ins.

Beginning late Saturday afternoon, FM News 101.9 will be covering Hurricane Irene wall-to-wall and is prepared to broadcast without commercial interruption. FM News 101.9 delivers news on the FM band with a strong signal not affected by lightning.

FM News 101.9 can also be heard streaming online