IRI Gives A ‘Lift’ To TV Ad Sales ROI Tool


Consumer behavioral research firm IRI has enhanced a tool designed to offer improved measurement of the offline sales impact of TV advertising campaigns.

The company’s IRI Lift solution now includes “Lift for TV,” which the company says can allow clients “to optimize media effectiveness and deliver in-flight metrics on the success of both digital and television advertising campaigns.”

IRI Lift is being marketed as “the industry’s only real-time campaign measurement and optimization tool.”

“As one-to-one marketing personalization continues to be the key to driving sales growth, IRI is at the forefront of providing solutions that enable clients to improve advertising effectiveness, encourage shopper engagement, enhance shopper loyalty and meaningfully grow revenue and market share,” the company said.

Combe, whose brands include Just for Men, Sea-Bond and Vagisil, is one of the first companies to sign on for IRI Lift for TV.

Jackie Steinberg, senior director of Global Media for Combe, said, “By leveraging IRI Lift across our portfolio of brands for both digital and TV, we are now able to measure the impact of our television and digital campaigns, take action to course-correct based on these granular insights, and optimize our efforts with speed and effectiveness for maximum sales lift and return on advertising spend.”


IRI Lift was developed in partnership with Kantar Shopcom.