Is AI Making a Difference in M&E?


Veritone is hosting a series of webinars the week of April 20 focused on “Proven AI for M&E.” 

It’s a learning opportunity to discover how AI-driven solutions help radio, TV, sports and podcasters save time, reduce costs, and improve workflow productivity and efficiencies while generating revenue.  

The April 22 webinar, scheduled to start at 1pm Eastern, will focus on “Hyper Indexed + Highly Intelligent Content for Linear TV and VOD.”

In this webinar one can gain insight on how to:

  • Provide advertisers with insights to their campaigns and quantify ROI
  • Turn unscripted, unstructured media into structured, actionable intelligence
  • Leverage AI to enrich production workflows
  • Use AI-powered content management and collaboration tools for intelligent media activation
  • Enhance consumer experience and increase engagement – home and abroad

Speakers include Logan Ketchum, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at Veritone, and Director of Product Management Ben Howell.