Is Radio The Survivor Type?


It seems every day I read about firings and cutbacks of programming people at the major broadcast companies. Well known personalities, program directors, music directors and program producers are being lopped off the body of radio stations across the country. Even though content is radio’s only commodity and its’ life blood, CEO’s are in a survival mode and continue to cut muscle and bone as the fat was discharged long ago. This reminds me of a short story by Stephen King entitled “Survivor Type.” In this story a disgraced surgeon named Pine finds himself stranded on an island with no food. Convinced he will be rescued and in full fledged survivor mode, Dr. Pine begins lopping off parts of his body and consuming them. He begins with toes, fingers then hands and feet, finally legs and arms then….well you can guess the ending. Radio is in full-fledged survivor mode. How much has been lopped off thus far?

–Alan Gray, New Generation Broadcasting, Las Vegas