ISM International buys slots on European cable net targeting 11 countries


ISM International has signed a long term agreement with Global Broadcasting & Syndication and acquired a minimum of 5 million dollars in air time for commercials and programming to promote ISM International divisions and product lines. Global broadcasting & Syndication’s thematic channels are distributed via Eutelsat Satellite that reach 120 million households in Europe. ISM will have access to daily ten, thirty and sixty second advertising slots and half hour program slots to showcase the products and services of ISM International products and services.

The commercials and programming will be aired on Visitors Network, ItsMyFaith, IndiePix, Hip Hop and the Comedy & Games channels. Those channels will air in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Leichtenstein, the Alto Adige region of Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia, with France and Sweden added to the list in February and other European markets following in Q2. The content on these channels is aired in English with German subtitles, allowing content providers maximum reach in the markets.

ISM CEO Mario Quenneville says, "This is the kind of deal that American companies must strike in order to be competitive in a global economy. It is no longer enough to penetrate only the U.S. market. The Euro is a strong currency and we are pleased to be able to have such unprecedented access to these consumers and to all consumers in Europe."